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kentish plasterer
13-10-2012, 06:51 PM
i prices up a job long time ago.
and started it a long time ago im still there not funny i wanted use metal frame work for stud walls client said ok.
i wanted to tape and joint the MB board in the bathroom one side of the stud wall and tape and joint the fire board the other in the kitchen.
builder has had a fit and told me to use wood for stud work and skim it.

pain in the arse

kentish plasterer
14-10-2012, 07:36 AM
now he is saying it is'nt totally flat ie 2mm out if you put a straight edge along it in some places the wood was twisted over 3m high in the highest point.
I want too tape and joint both sides as im running out of time and money on the job.
loads of screw up builder running off too Germany for a week at a time. And people not doing as there told no mats on site

i know skimng is far better them taping and jointing in the long run but i really thort drylining was for the best as he is now trying to put more work on me.
To keep there for longer.
iv reskimmed the hole house tacked ceilings dot &dab'd reveals float and set the new extension lay'd a new screed floor..
tanked a damp wall and render'd the front of the damp wall 1m high now im rendering the back of the house and mono rendering the main part of the extension.
put right all the mess ups from the plumber sparks and numpty builder.
all i want i a easy life and a nice string of work and not the stress im under now.
he has started picking really small snags just to be a twat.#

please shear it with me to make me feel better :(

14-10-2012, 10:21 AM
You should only take instructions from one source, not the builder and client. That only complicates things if the shit hits the fan.

He wanted wood stud, and it warped. Thats his problem. I've saw 3x2 stud lie outside uncovered in monsoon rains for weeks and dafty builders wonder why their walls and ceilings split or move when the heating gets turned on. That was their call, so not my responsibility and they should have known better. Its also not your fault if they fail to take your advice.