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kentish plasterer
14-10-2012, 07:57 AM
iv just re skimed a full 2 bed house walls all over the place lids all humpy and bumpy pulled it in together the best i can it looks good now.
but think id of been finished a lot faster cleaner and cheaper if it tacked all the lids and stuck all the walls and tape & jointed it all up.
the builder said nope its really crap wall of working and tape and jointing should be banned.

MY question is: If tape & jointing is soo bad why is the hole new build site I live on all the houses and apartment block is all taped and there is some snags that are a bit piss poor.

how dos tape & jointing stand up against plastering money wise ???
how dose it compair finish wise ie plaster is 2 coats over the full wall with thin coat bead on the corners and scrim tape on joints.
what level of finish is best for domestic's
whats faster taping or skimming is taping about the same time as plastering first coat tape dry sand 2nd coat dry sand ect (plastering) scrim joints bead up lay on first coat pull in lay on 2nd coat pull in dry trowel wet trowel wet trowel dry trowel..

14-10-2012, 10:09 AM
The answer to your first question is probably cost but I also guess your builder has never seen a proper taping job and has probably been shafted by shysters. I've saw just as many questionable finishes from plasterers as i have from bad tapers. If both are done right there should be no difference in appearance.

Taping was developed in the States to throw up fast, cheap affordable housing during WW2.

The rest of your questions are probably better answered in the other $64,000 taping or skimming thread you started, and we've been here before. Many times.

kentish plasterer
14-10-2012, 11:52 AM
ok how about finishes how many finishes are there and what are the stages of finishing this builder is really against drylining and i dont know why.
all he keeps saying is that in 6 month's time when the paint is peeling off and the plaster board is spongy (in the bathroom) it was a wast of time and better off skimming

14-10-2012, 12:49 PM
Spongey?? Is your builder using vapour shield boards with polythene, visqueen etc behind? Paint peeling off shouldn't concern you if you aren't doing the painting. It can still flake and peel with plaster, and efflorescence can be an issue on exterior walls.

Search for USG Level 5 system. Taped walls and ceilings can be sprayed with two coats levelling off any blemishes leaving a scuff resistant tough surface.

You could slurry coat the surface allowing you to use a vinyl silk, undercoat or acrylic eggshell without any flashing.

Or give it a couple of coats of Drywall Sealer. Same results as above.

All 3 options could vapour check the boards making spongey unlikely. Any painter should know that, or do they plan on painting straight onto the drywall with matt emulsion?

I don't necessarily think your builder is being a prick btw, but i bet he's had a bad experience. And i know from experience it can be difficult to change their mindset.

Bollocks to working on a price though. Stick to hours for pound notes, play it safe then you still get paid every time he changes his mind or makes a bad decision.

Brian S
15-10-2012, 07:23 AM
Here's a level 1 to 5 guide.

As Alex said both done properly should be no difference in appearence