View Full Version : Jointing Compound advice please

15-01-2013, 06:22 PM
Hi there

I apologise if this question has been covered a million times before..

I recently taped and jointed my living room and dinning room ceiling and walls. I used BG Gyproc Joint Filler to bed the tape in and go over the joints with a 2nd coat.

I have noticed a few blemishes as the light passes so I would like to run over the joints again and sand them. Maybe Im being a little picky but as it was my first attempt I was so chuffed with the final result I would like it as close to perfect as I can.

I dont know if it was foolish or not, but I searched on google for the best jointing compunds and have found a whole mix of reviews of the different brands, therefore, I thought Id coma and ask here, as it was this forum that helped me get going with my project.

Thanks in advance as always!


E.K Taper
15-01-2013, 10:45 PM
Joint filler's good for 1st coat and 2nd. 3rd coat you should use joint cement, cant go wrong with British Gypsum. Generally we do joint filler for 1st coat then 2coats cement, but nowt wrong with doing the 2nd coat with filler. You'll also find cement to be easier sanded too