View Full Version : Trim-tex mudset slimline corner bead.

04-10-2014, 07:05 PM
I know there's been some feedback on this bead in Freeman's thread, but figured for ease of others finding it, it was worth having its own thread.
In my opinion it's a great alternative to the paper faced metal Beadex stuff with lots of pluses but 1 con that I hope has a easy solution.

Pros of Trim-tex:
No risk of being bent in transit on by being stepped on onsite
Lower profile so tighter corner and less compound used to fill it out
No ripping paper during scraping
Can take a whack without denting/cracking

Only con I've noticed is the holes can be a pain to load out. After bedding and coating, then second coating there were sometimes still holes where it had shrank in that i don't think the final finish coat would hide. Although it took less compound to fill flush, it takes more effort to make sure you get a good fill within all the holes as you have to wipe in all directions constantly to make sure they are fully filled.
This was with a hand layup with external corner trowel and setting bead by hand. Will update when I try them with corner applicator and corner roller. Hopefully it'll pull back and squeeze out all the holes and sort that issue.

The rigid mudset with the I beam looks like it has smaller holes, that could help.

I do like the Beadex but it uses up so much compound to fill them out unless they are inside the tapered edge, and already being a more expensive product to begin with its adding a lot of cost with all the extra compound required. That said they are quick and easy to install and coat.

04-10-2014, 08:27 PM
I hate plastic beads, ever since I tried some Straitflex and it all ended up in the bin, so i'm reluctant to try these. I'm still using the Beadex tape on beads and am more than happy with them. Plastic beads always seem to have a mind of their own and never seem straight, IMO. Where do you get your Beadex from. I get mine from Minsters

04-10-2014, 08:34 PM
These stay nice and straight Tony, nothing like strait flex. Seems to adhere better too. If you're down my neck of the woods any time grab a couple of lengths off me to try.
I like the beadex, can't fault the finish with it that's for sure.