View Full Version : usg tuff hide or usg primer

13-09-2015, 03:23 PM
never realy used any of these two products just trying to find out witch is better in your views ,, or is normal under coat just as good,,:confused::confused:

21-09-2015, 05:01 PM
Hi - just noticed this one! we sell both of these products and also have an alternative to the tuff hide as it can be very difficult to source as it is only a USA product now not available in europe since the knauff take over.
Its much better than an average undercoat it serves many more purposes.

the first coat primer is as it says a "first coat primer" for offering up an almost ready wall for top coat colour (usually a further 2 coats) good value and large tub make it a perfect choice compared to usual uk offering (small tubs and thin mix poor coverage etc)

Tuff hide is a different beast - Its vinyl-acrylic, latex-based coating provides a durable, high-end look that can be painted after drying overnight or left unpainted in ceiling applications for a flat, white finish.

we also have Freemans Speedskim + a much heavier finish but again offers superior prep only really needing 1 further application of colour ( ceilings can be left white) it aslo acts as a filler on any inperfections left in the baord or swirl / scratch marks from sanding eliintaing the need for making good or recalls from the contractor or even charge backs from the painter!

Both can be spray or roller applied (although spray offeres a much more even finish)

If you are pricing or want to price for the udercoat work or have been asked to prime (top coat) after taping bothe first coat and tuff hide or speedskim offer a fantastic crips finish to push your finish to high end for a small investment.

If you reuiore any further info please let me know.