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    no I hear you guys,.......but don't worry, karma/god paid me back for laughing at you lads,we just got our first snow fall today,30 cm,threw 5 boxes of mud in truck to put some weight on her to get home today from work.and were getting another 30cm tomorrow,and another 15 the next day.just here in Canuck land,it's like ,oh it's here (snow) and you drive in it
    but yeah,we got the government cutting back on road service (plows etc) to justify raising their taxes,but driving in the snow and watching hockey come naturally here
    and in my opinion,even though it only snows 3 months out of the year (sssshhhhh don't yet the yanks know that) I like the idea of global warming....less snow

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    Edinburgh got another +20cm of snow dumped on it today. My car skidded into a 3 foot deep snowdrift (really, it was way higher than the hood) this morning because the roads hadnt been plowed or gritted. I blocked the road to traffic both ways for almost 20 minutes while my good lady, two nice motorists and I dug the car out with a snow shovel. Guess who watched us the whole time without lending a hand?.......

    A council road gritting truck full of able bodied men. You just couldnt make this up.

    The ironic thing about this is that I was heading to pay my council tax not long after our slip.... so I may just hold on to this payment until our local council can make the streets and pavements safe or it thaws out in the springtime. Our bins also havent even been emptied for a couple of weeks now. Clowns.
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    For once its missed us in East Anglia, had a bit last week but nearly all melted now, just bitter cold - watching the news tonight looks pretty bad op north hope youre all keeping safe!

    Oh forgot to say anyone that's in a badly effected area please bear with us on deliveries of tools and materials, things seem ok at present but weather is very unpredictable and can create backlog of deliveries from fedex hubs at busy times.
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