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Thread: Crossers

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    Pet hate. Tapered edges against door frames and against the windows. Ahhhhhh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by butterfly View Post
    yes they should ,ideally u should have 1 tapered edge in the middle area of the header ,not 2 square meets tapered joints above each leg of doorway, they know full well when sheeting thats what is supposed to happen,they shoiuld never start at door edges with tapereded egde either.i have pointed this out on loads of jobs but they dont care,just try n fix it is the normal reply

    i used to get this all the time "bevelled edges & door facings" every job and the facings would be on before wed start bloody pain in the butt. but now they no longer use square to square or bevels near doors =] ive taught them a little bit i guess the boss got sick of me getting on his nerves about it and decided to kick up i win!

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