Yeah they're sharp alright. I once worked with an older fellow years ago who only leaned into, and I mean literally tickled, the 12 inch blade of the guy picking off some snots next to him and he had to go to hospital for multiple stitches in his arm. I've made the mistake of trying to catch a blade that slipped from my hand only once, so bollocks to falling on one that's tied to me.

Obviously better health and safety was needed on site but that last Labour government just went crazy with red tape, rules and regulations that killed production. Why would anyone want to work on a building site for anything other than an hourly rate now? From the ashes of the construction industry rose a new profession.... and it's looking over your shoulder making sure you are doing yours safely.

Its very important that accident statistics will have fallen over the last 14 years and nobody deserves to be hurt, or worse, die at their place of work. However, another possibility worth noting is that whoever pays for the research, surveys, graphs, pie charts etc will want a return on their investment and display only the stats in their favour to suit their own agendas.