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    Quote Originally Posted by Dillon View Post
    I agre that easyfill is good but as I said Im not suplying I also have the odd bit of new taping to do, its a case of making the best of a bad situation, lets not forget I wouldnt need any of it if certain people were better at their jobs.
    So do the shit tapers get contra charged or do they get away with it? If I was the contractor I wouldn't pay them, end of!

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    For the most part Tony they get away with it, although I was told that they would be getting a charge this time but its not so much for poor standard of work its more for unfinnished work (not sanded still wet).

    TBH Ive been on this Job a while and I have to snag everything from the jointing through other trade dammage to paint runs. I dont know how they budget for my pay but they do. Its a living.

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