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Thread: Drylining NVQ2

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    Default Drylining NVQ2

    Hey Guys id like to revive this Old Thread . Its that time . I'm gonna have to get the new CSCS Card ( NVQ 2 drylining finisher ) edition lol . Luckily i fell before the deadline for the last card and my last card - The Construction Related Operative Card (CRO- white) lasted me the full five years but is now up for renewal in june . Im in East Kilbride and I know they do Taping courses in East Kilbride College and also in Queenslie Estate but iv been doing this for around 15 years now without any tangible Accreditation .What i'm wondering is if anyone has had to apply for this card recently in or near Glasgow area and how they went about it and how much it cost etc etc . Iv read things about CITB and know that iv paid my Levy with my contractor . Does he have to apply to CITB to get funding for me ? Any help would be appreciated Guys

    Thanks Again : )

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    I've had to move this topic to its own thread. Things have no doubt moved on, and likely become more expensive since the last comment

    I hadn't done any site work since 2009 so I let my white card lapse in 2013 after I had already been doing the job for 20 years.
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    Hi have u had any joy with this? Im thinking your subby should have info on how to go about it, have you asked?
    Lad on our site was told £1200, but our company said they could get it for £550 then said they would contribute £450 👍

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