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I tried about half a roll with air drying compound and I have mixed thoughts. It was great on the flat areas but not so good on the internal corners. It taped through the bazooka and rolled out OK but I found the corner angle head dragged the fibafuse, so I thinned the compound up some more. Maybe I would have been better using a different style head that glazes instead of pulling? If I had one I mean

Can I make a suggestion? Have you considered reinforcing the creaser wheel area with denser fibreglass or paper?

I also dont see any problems using this if youre a machine or hand taper apart from the odd tear in the corners by pushing too hard with a tool or blade. Drying times were much the same as usual because I had heaters in the room.

Do you have a sticky back alternative like traditional mesh tape for hand taping and patching etc?

I will try the other half of the roll alongside a new setting compound I have to sample tomorrow. Papercuts could be a thing of the past with this stuff but I did get a few fibres in my eyes. LOL
You bring up excellent points about FibaFuse being tough especially when used in inside corners. The reality is its glass and glass is fragile. Myron Ferguson, during the shooting of the how-to video, ran into the same issues initially. He was able to get around them by doing a couple of things...

1.Compound should be thinned slightly more than for paper tape
2.Utilize corner tools (glazer) when working in corners but apply a lot less pressure

** By doing these things you can use less pressure when embedding tape and cleaning excess mud. Thinner mud will ooze through FibaFuse easier so you donít need to squeeze it out like you would paper tape. It comes down to a change in technique... don't apply as much pressure with tools against tape. It works, give it a shot. Your shoulders and arms will thank you for it!!!

I do like your suggestion reinforcing the creaser wheel area; but the ideas i have cost too much. Would tapers pay for upgrade? When I first developed the tape, most tapers said itís a good product but if it costs more than paper then they wouldn't buy!!! So for the first generation we focused on price sensitivity. I'm working on some prototypes that are cost sensitive that makes fibafuse tougher. will keep you posted.

Looking forward to results from new setting compound.