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Thread: CSCS cards

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    Quote Originally Posted by amestaper View Post
    Call me cynical, but over the last 10 to 15 years a whole new industry has emerged and latched onto the building trade that sucks money from it at a time when few can afford it. Not saying health and safety isn't a bad thing, maybe it could just be better managed to stop the millions of pounds being syphoned into the pockets of organisations who have never worn overalls in their lives.Can anyone name a single tradesman who managed to integrate the constant health and safety policy changes into their method statements / risk assessments etc, various card schemes etc and gain financially from it?I just think it would be better to lock the middle men in suits out and regulate the safety from people with a more balanced view within the trades.
    Lol the health n safety is a joke i seen a guy walking the plank over a staircase hole the other week (no stairs installed) on top of a pile of buckets wiping off ceiling angles while the health n safety bloke was in the house , turn a blind eye to some and others get shit for it and thrown off the site, Yes he was polish,,, So ye over the last 10 to 15 they've scammed millions out of honest working blokes like us just to line the goverments pockets again , Needless to say i think i'll give the sites a wide birth and let the foreign nationals get on with working fit a pittence. Its up to them if they want to work for a couple of quid an hour, Sorry blab over lol,
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    Ive saw health and safety disregarded many times when it suited management on site, especially if it mucks up schedules and timetables.

    When will the day come when you need a card, just to apply for another card?

    My CSCS expires in 2013 and I've no plans to re-apply. With a risk versus reward view in mind, I can't understand the reasoning working on a site when you can generate much more earnings working privately without one of these cards.... for the time being anyway.
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    The questions are in their native language.... touch screen

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