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28-07-2009, 02:11 PM
I was asked recently by a new member about site etiquette, manners and what was expected of them in general. To avoid repeating myself I thought it would be better to post a topic here that everyone can read.

In short - We welcome positive contributions.

If you follow common sense and don't abuse other members, cause them harm or loss, keep religion and politics to a minimum then you will fit in just fine and we welcome your membership here. If you're not sure, why not lurk a while, read the forums, take your time and get to know how the site works before joining in?

I also suggest you read the site rules (http://www.tapingandjointing.com/forum/pages.php?pageid=2) because there are one or two things you can and will be banned for.

Once you've done this, why not tell us a little about yourself at the 'Introductions' thread? This is not a pre requisite but some members have taken offence at new users steaming in and selling their wares or asking for a job without taking the time in getting to know long time members and building some kind of relationship first.

Fair point! Why would they give any business or a job to a complete stranger?

29-07-2009, 12:15 AM
im glad you brought this up cos ive had an issue with this already.:fing02: harking back to an earlier topic about guest users. some people only come here for wat they could get and for there own gain. I dont mean it to sound nasty but its true. this is 1 good reason why the members area should stay a members only area

29-07-2009, 07:44 AM
I see where you're coming from but that's the very nature of the internet. A lot of people seek information and switch the computer off when they've got it. I don't have a problem with users doing that as we're probably all guilty of this.

I just want everyone to get along and visit a forum stuffed with tons of information and articles about the taping and drylining trade. We've already had this out and voted, the members area will stay as it is.