View Full Version : Just been to a H&S lecture

21-10-2015, 06:43 PM
Just been to a H&S lecture as ordered to by one of the contractors I work for. An hour and a half of boring shite most of which just don't apply given by people who really have no Idea of what it actually takes to do the job.
They started off with nail guns and the dangers of shooting your self. then went on to Dust mask where they said that any one who had not shaved in the last 24hrs would fail the face fit test so if you want a beard or stubble then you would have to spend upwards of 200 on a proper mask. What a Joke.
As for stairwell platforms fcuk me 445 and they MUST be used, when I asked what we should use on stairs that the platforms don fit they had No answer.

A total waste of time.