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Targetted audience: has favourable rankings within search engines and is dedicated to giving it's members, sponsors and advertisers exposure possible by being in a unique position to show your advertisements to an already interested niche market. In short, this means targeted advertising to end-users and companies that will compliment your services and products.

Lower costs:

Advertising in trade magazines or newspapers is costly, time consuming and you can't make alterations it once it's gone to press. We make it simple and affordable by offering payment plans for different sized adverts paid monthly in advance.

Why should I advertise:

This website is a platform for drywall related trades to discuss their daily activities and share the knowledge they have spent a lifetime learning. Your advertisement will compliment this environment by way of education, and the free to use open forum structure allows every user to experience products and services they may have never have found in one place before now.

Site info:

- Roughly 75% of our traffic comes from search engines
- 15% from direct searches
- 10% from website referrals
- 73% of page views are made from within the UK

New visitors account for 2 in 3 visits and our audience and site membership can be broadly broken down into several key areas;

- Trade professionals
- DIY users
- Architects and quantity surveyors
- Taping and drywall tool manufacturers
- Industry building materials distributors

Advertising contact information:

If you are currently logged in, please contact us via the forum personal messaging software, otherwise use the site contact form.

You can also contact us via email at:
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Or write to us at:
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2018 pricing and example advert:

Type Location Ad term Price
Header advert
.jpg or .gif format
Availability: 4
Entire site. Under our logo and navbar Per month 20.00
Thread advert
.jpg or .gif format
Availability: 6
First post in each thread Per month 10.00
CPM Header advert
.jpg or .gif format
Entire site. Under our logo and navbar Per 1000 impressions 2.70
CPM Thread advert
.jpg or .gif format
First post in each thread Per 1000 impressions 2.70

Advert placement screenshot

Advert placement screenshot

* Advertising rates are subject to change at any time.
* At the time of purchase, you may pay for up to 12 months in advance to lock in a particular rate for that period.
* Submissions must be in gif or jpg format, and no larger than 728x90 pixels to fit our site templates.
* Your banner size must not exceed 50K.

Please note:

1. Your banner will be added as soon as we receive your payment.

2. All payments are non-refundable.

3. A CPM advertising campaign will run until all of your impressions are consumed, regardless of how long it takes.

4. You can reserve a spot if we have sold out. You will need to contact us to reserve your spot.

5. We may accept custom advertising such as sponsoring individual forums or CPM (cost per mille (thousand)) impressions.

6. Advertising positions are available on a first come first served basis.

7. We do not accept CPC (cost per click) requests and reserve the right to refuse any advertisers that does not compliment our sites content.

8. You understand your ad is not exclusive to that space, and it will randomly rotate with 5 others.

9. Our software automatically adds rel="nofollow" tags to outgoing links by default. Paid links will have these removed.

10. Please bear in mind that after several weeks your click through rate may begin to fall. We encourage you to keep your content fresh and introduce new banners frequently. These can be uploaded for you free of charge.

11. It's important that you create a good advert and landing page for your own site because we cannot guarantee you sales, only lots of impressions. The best, by far, click through rates for advertisers are from members who interact with their audience. If you aren't a member here yet, then you should consider registering and engage with your customers.