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Taping, boxing, nailspotting, internal & external corners, sanding etc.

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    Default Heard it all now...

    Was filling the car with petrol yesterday and bumped into someone I havent seen for a long time. The conversion got into how business was going, I remarked that even though finding decent work is a struggle at times, I was still manging to cope.

    He looked surprised and this guy works with a quantity suveyor that did have (past tense) some work for me, but had heard on the grapevine I wasnt in the trade anymore, so he supposedly gave the work to someone else.

    Which leaves me wondering if the person who planted the misinformation was the one to benefit from a bad rumour.

    I find this hilarious. Any other stories on what competition will do to get one up on you?
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    An old friend phoned me a few years back to ask if i was back on my feet after the accident, never had one then or since,bound to have cost me a few .

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