any of u guys remember a product called esstex,about 20 odd years ago it was about and i think it was a branch of synco who i think were bought over by redland (now lafarge).they came to a site i was on to take pictures of me working for their showroom and made the pictures into life size cardboard cut outs which they had in the showroom,never seen them myself but my old gaffer said they moved quicker than me.
as i remember the joint filler was very soft and took a long time to set ,the finish was ok and dried white ,a bit like gtec smartix(readymix).

aslo been hearing how persimmon now stipulate that knauf material must be used,this is not a new thing because years ago we done work for laing homes (now persimmon)and they used to stipulate the mother of all shite products(nutex).a rep came onto site and my brother said to him listen mate if you have to bribe people to use ur material in the first place then it must be shite.