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Thread: "The Dark Art"

Taping, boxing, nailspotting, internal & external corners, sanding etc.

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    Default "The Dark Art"

    This week I have been mainly practiceing the "The Dark Art" of .....................Skimming (inserts fiendish and goulish laughter smilies)

    For reasons best known to themselves, we had to skim everything in this contract.
    Now when you want speed and things to be dry in the morning ready for painting, skimming is not what you want.
    Not only that it's more tedious and boring than taping, infact masochist that I am, I enjoy taping when I do it.
    And it's harder work, and costs more, and and and and...............I made a good job of it anyway

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    A good job done then....which is more than I can say for the plasteres we have had to follow on recent jobs!!

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