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    Default Not taking any more days off as they're too expensive.

    As the little job I did yesterday wasn't quite dry for sanding, I have taken today off. I went up to Plymouth (40 miles) early to sort a bill out with one of my suppliers, and then visited the tool porn shop (Hilti Service Centre) to drop off my hoover as it's cutting out. Couldn't stay there too long as I would've bought something I didn't need. Got back and looked at the wifes car to see 2 borderline illegal front tyres, so booked that in for this afternoon at a cost of nearly 160. Then my daughter says she needs a provisional licence as she's 17 this weekend, here's the forms dad, so that's another 50. There's over 200 gone so far today. Would anybody else like to relieve me of the rest of my cash before the day is out?

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    Dont be too hasty mate, theres still 11 and a half hours to clean you right out...
    Its a public holiday up here and only spent 20 this morning, so things are looking good
    Your messages are really important to us
    ...but not important enough to employ a sufficient number of support staff to answer them.

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    who said tapers are whiners

    I will pay you 2bucks if I can use the term "tool p0rn shop".......

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