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Off site day to day running of your business.

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    Default Safety in the workplace

    This is something we should all take seriously as sites can be hazardous places sometimes resembling trench scenes from a WW1 movie and we do work in one of the world's most dangerous professions. Health and safety procedures and equipment have increased over the last few years due to many fatalities and injuries among us in the past. This is maybe not so much an issue now, but may interest some members who have taping for over 20 to 30 years.

    Have you ever risked your life for an employer? Have you been asked to use dodgy scaffolds and worked at heights unrestrained, climbed over obstacles, sanded taping without a dustmask, worked around live electrical wires or worse still, have you ever been injured yourself?

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    To all of the above and more, many times. Touch wood, other than the odd scratch, splinter and papercut, i've never been hurt.

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    Haven't done the death defying live wire trick, but have seen the sparks fly before. Had a busted wrist about 4 years ago and this put me out of action for 13 weeks and hurt like f*ck. I fell over some plumbers crap he left lying on the floor while taping a ceiling. Also been on a 3 stage scaffolding that collapsed while 2 of us were sanding a ceiling on a large renovation job in the mid 90's and we rocked it to pieces. Both of us never had a scratch, unbelievable considering half it went straight through a partition wall.
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    I fell throgh a scaffold hatch 2 storeys up and landed on batons the floor below getting tnagled in a ladder in the process. I know im very lucky and this cats got 8 lives left. no point in buying a lottery ticket now is there? Seen some realy bad accidents happen to other poor guys on site god bless em. you wouldn't give it a second thought as you left for work in the mornin that you might not see your wife and kids again. Working on site is dangerous and i dont think the paypackets of some trademen and labourers are good enough.
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