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    Default British work terminology

    Alphabetical listing of terms and slang formed into some type of useable dictionary and glossary our friends from overseas can use.

    2nd fix joiners - Finishing carpenters (facings, skirtings, doors etc)
    Ames Taper
    - (Scottish term) Drywall finisher, taper, mudder
    Baden Powell - Trowel
    Bazooka - Mud tube
    Boy (the) - Apprentice
    Ceiling - Lid
    Coat Hangers - Sticking out screws
    Chippy - Carpenter
    Dabber or Dot-Dabber- Person who sticks boards to brick or blockwork with drywall adhesive
    Dryliner - Person who builds walls and ceilings
    Drylining - The process of building walls and ceilings from plasterboard panels (on stud partitions and block)
    Dumb and dumbers - Plumbers
    Externals - Metal angles tape or plasterers bead
    Fast Set - Hot mud
    Fiba or fibre tape - Mesh tape
    Gofer - Labourer
    Gun - Mud tube, automatic taping tool
    HSE - Health and Safety Executive
    Idiot Stick - Pole sander
    Internals - Angles, internal paper tape
    Joiner - Carpenter
    Joint cement - Air drying joint compound
    Joint Filler - Hot mud (British Gypsum brand), setting compound
    Jointer - (More generally used UK term) Drywall finisher, taper
    Labrador - Labourer
    Lousing Time - Home time
    Plasterboard - Sheetrock, drywall
    Plunger - Hand mixer
    Scrim - Patching tape, mesh
    Shooting the craw - In the process of leaving the site
    Snagging list - Punch list
    Skim or skim coat- Plastering
    Skimmer - Plasterer
    Spark or Sparky - Electrician
    Spread - Plasterer
    Stud or Studs - Partitions / Framing (Wood or metal)
    Tacker - Board hanger
    Taper and Jointer - (More generally used UK term) Drywall finisher, taper, mudders
    Taping and Jointing - Drywall finishing, taping
    Tattie masher - Hand mixer (potato style one you mash up and down)
    Velvet - Joint cement (Lafarge New pure velvet brand)
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    This is helpful in understanding the taping and jointing industry with all its different terms from one country to the next.

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