Thanks for your attention.

New members who have just registered have reported trouble deciding on where to post any job vacancies they need filled urgently. Hopefully this new forum will fix that problem and save me hours of moderation time on moving and deleting posts.

New and irregular members can now advertise their vacancies here, but I would appreciate site regulars and well known faces can continuing to share their work in the usual places.

I would appreciate all advertisers making ONE post per job only please, site members will make contact if your request sounds interesting so its up to you to give as much information as possible and your contact details at the first attempt. eg location, measure if possible, start date / estimated finish period, rates, your name, company and contact number.

There are a couple of points to note:

  • This specific forum isn't visible to search engines or anyone who hasnt logged in.

  • Scammers, spammers and timewasters are not welcome here. Bad news travels fast so ripping off ANY members will no doubt result in your name (and what happened) becoming common knowledge.

  • Do NOT repost or bump up ads for the same job.

  • The owners do not accept any liability if things don't go to plan so please use common sense and decide for yourself if any advertisment sounds genuine. Both parties are expected do their own background checks before entering any agreement.

  • Advertisers are obliged to let us know if the job has been taken so the thread can be closed.

No doubt the rules will change over the course of the next few days until we can make this system work.

Suggestions are welcome. Enjoy, take care and please report any suspicious activity.