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Thread: Budget 2009

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    Unhappy Budget 2009

    Did Mr Darlings budget make a damn bit difference?
    Not to me it didn't, and I don't like the idea of paying higher taxes to compensate for someone elses irresponsible spending habits which experts estimate will take between 9 to 23 years to correct. I have 2 kids and this will affect them also once they leave school.
    Anyone in Australia or New Zealand needing some taping work done?
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    I don't usually do politics but I'm grinding my teeth over the budget, I wonder why?

    Regarding the 2000 trade in and scrap scheme for an old banger of a vehicle. A lot of people who drive a car over 10 years old don't do so by choice, maybe I'm wrong but they probably can't afford a brand new car. Older classic cars may be at risk with this new legislation and we may be heading towards the system they use in Japan where a 4 year old vehicle is legally taken off the road and sent for export. Great for a country's economy if you have a booming car production industry, sadly the UK does not.

    If you earn more than 150,000 a year and are to be taxed at the new 50% rate, you are surely financially able to fastrack an emigration and take your talents and skill to another country where they will be appreciated. As an example, there maybe a chance you're already in control of your own finances and could be able to pay yourself 149k and maybe shove the rest into a personal pension (oops, I forgot pensions have also been messed around with) That seems an easy enough loophole in tax avoidance for the financially uneducated among us.

    Booze, fags and fuel. One of life's little comforts has just been made more difficult to afford. There's an article in todays Daily Star (which I can't find online) about a 140,000 wine cellar at Gordon Brown's disposal that I hope he doesn't drown in

    I don't live in the UK but still get paid in GBP. I've seen the exchange rate against the €Euro tumble which means everything I buy is about 25% more expensive than last year.

    I reckon the budget was lies, more lies, bollocks, deception and not telling the whole truth. There's an election next year and I think the situation may be far worse than Mr Darling is predicting. In all the uncertainty, one thing is certain; No matter who is unfortunate enough to win the next UK election, there will be so much bitching in parliament about who is to blame, massive cuts in public spending and those of us who decide to stay or who can't afford to leave the country will all be hammered to death by taxation.

    This is too little, too late and these bunch of incompetent plebs who govern us and take fabulous summer holidays on a huge salary, with expenses, that most of the taxpayers who pay their wages could only dream of should be ashamed of themselves. This country and many other failed to live within their means and the goverments involved should have seen this coming.

    Why weren't they more prudent during the boom years and stockpile gold, money or any of the nations wealth just in case something like this would eventually happen? The elected politicians, unelected mandarins, guilty bankers and the like should get their snouts out the trough, suffer like everyone else and accept responsibility for their actions (or inactions) or whatever.......

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    1. I smoke - They wont make me stop emitting dangerous greenhouse gases if thats what there up to. Black economy brand fags and baccy are just as good.
    2. I drink like a fish - I will still find a good watering hole regardless of all the pubs closing down.
    3. I drive a lot - No surprises they have nailed me threefold.
    Did Mr Darlings budget make a damn bit difference?
    Nope and I think they are all (rhymes with bankers)
    Jesus loves you........ everyone else thinks you're an arsehole.

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