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Automatic and hand tools, sanders, stilts etc. What's hot and what's not.

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    Default guns at the ready

    teck gun or auto feed gun and why ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by kentish plasterer View Post
    teck gun or auto feed gun and why ????
    Autofeed all the way. I have a cordless Hilti with the collated attachment and there is no better gun in my opinion.
    It's all down to time and less hassle which more than makes up for the extra cost of the screws. I don't want to have screws in my mouth, I don't want to hold boards on my head while I dick about trying to get screws out of pouch.
    Also the hilti can be used like an impact driver for doing your tekking on metal or for single screwing on boarding should you wish. and the batts last ages. Also I like to be a show off and tell people i've got hilti tools 'cos I'm a cnut like that!
    In all seriousness I started using a 14.4v makita drill/driver then a Spit 110 tek gun which I thought was crap, then a makita impact driver which I still use for some work in old houses if the joists are uneven and you need to " feel the screw in" if you know what I mean. I guess a lot of it is down to personal preference and what you're used to and also how fast you need to get the work done. I don't work on big sites where they want you to tack a 4 bedder in a day and all that b##locks but I do get commercial work which is where the Hilti really comes in.

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    Hilti 22v cordless autofeed all the way.

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