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Taping, boxing, nailspotting, internal & external corners, sanding etc.

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    Default TapeTech

    If any1 is on the hunt for a full set of TapeTech stuff including sander and hoover check out Ebay!
    Its under Auto Tape Tech Dry Lining Machine!
    There is a reserve and I've not met it yet! But I would just buy it and sell it on in bits not as a whole set! So any of u guys wan't 2 try go ahead!
    The reserve could b low u just don't know with Ebay until u bid!
    My garage has enough taping stuff so I prob end up with it catching dust!! Looks in good condition tho!

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    Yeah I saw that last night. Could be a good group buy if there's a few people wanting different bits. Would be better than bidding it up against each other.
    I'd be keen for a pump and the big box.

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