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    Default Cracking down on bogus self employment

    No more Mr Nice Guy, the HMRC are cracking down on bogus self employment. This is a must read!!!!

    A fascinating article sure to have some of you shaking in your boots.

    Or see the official UK goverment blurb on it here.
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    I think youre right a big shakeups taking place in the UK construction industry and it wont be to subcontracotrs benefit.
    This is worth reading - All labour only subbies to go on the cards.

    Seems they are only targetting the sole trader who provides no plant or materials and have no employees. These guys will eventually be forced into the PAYE scheme and I cant see how this will help the building trade. This will hinder a lot of guys starting out in business or those already recovering from the recession. You want my opinion, its just another method to squeeze tax from you by the UK Govt. The quicker this bunch of jokers get voted out the better... before they bleed us all to death

    The thing that surprises me is this topic hasn't had that many reads and even less comments.
    Your messages are really important to us
    ...but not important enough to employ a sufficient number of support staff to answer them.

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