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Automatic and hand tools, sanders, stilts etc. What's hot and what's not.

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    Default Knife, Box or AN Other

    Quick question Knife, Box or something else?

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    Boxes so ye can break the speed limit on site.
    Your poll closes in 3 days, you sure thats long enough?
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    Default I do use boxes but only for flats

    i use a hawk and trowel for most application work, knives where holding the hawk is awkward, and boxes where the speed pays. if its a room or two I'd rather trowel and save cleaning out the flat box. That may be a function of my Blueline boxes being a pain to adjust. A lot of guys here use the boxes to run the butts, and i will for texture ceilings, but for a good finish I can't beat the feedback of a trowel.. it occurs to me that might also be because Canada exports its good lumber and keeps the crap to drive its trades nuts with. framing is never square straight or plumb once the furnace gets the wood twisting. so there is always something under the drywall to correct for.
    Plumb and Level are the framer's perogative ...I can give you flat and straight...

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    taping knifes boxes and trowels because all our squad is talented, wasnt allowed to tick all 3 boxes can so.mebody please make the poll last longer
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