Hi I just finished some work where I had to make holes in my ceiling (1 23"x25" hole and 2x 4"x4" holes). I have replaced the holes with drywall (picture below). I need to patch the drywall now and have never done this before. I have read about this on several online sites and also looked at many videos. Before I get started I wanted to make sure I have the right idea in my head, am using the right material and was wondering if I can get advice on get a few questions I have.

For the 23" x 25";
I plan on following these steps:

1. Apply self adhesive tape: This is what I am using: Fiba Tape
2. Apply Joint compound with 6" taping knife. This is my joint compound. Is this okay to use this with fiberglass tape or do I need something different?
3. Let dry. Sand with 220 grit paper.
4. Apply second coat with 8" taping knife.
5. Dry and sand.
6. Apply last layer with 12" taping knife.
7. smooth it out.

I was wondering if Someone can answer a few questions
1. When I apply joint compound, I should be going perpendicular to the seam, not parallel correct?

2. The normal ceiling next to the joint has a heavy knock down texture on it. Do I need to sand that down to smooth it or can I just apply joint compound on it?

3. When I am done with the above, The center of the new drywall will have no joint compound and thus will be a different height. Should I add joint compound here or can I can spray the texture spray right on it and then prime and paint?

The other two are 4" x 4" patches
1. I have screwed in a 4"x 4" drywall to close these. Is it the same steps for these small patches also or can something simpler and different be done for the small patches?

Thanks for the help!