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Taping, boxing, nailspotting, internal & external corners, sanding etc.

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    Default New to the game..ex plasterer!!

    Hello lads

    well,as it states I was a time served site plasterer of 18 years,and due to poor joints and lack of love of the game ,I tried my hand at jointing...and to be fair thoroughly enjoy doing it,not sure as new or generally easier??
    the plastering game is dying on its arse as everything seems to be jointing orientated these days!!
    my question is,I'm in the market for tools,what would be a decent starter set up??..budget is around 1100...also I need to know the rough going rate on a linear mtr.
    london/essex based...I know it prob varies but if I have a starting price in head I know where I am,also if anyone has any bits laying about collecting dust I'd be happy to buy to get us going...
    all the best people

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    Hey Albert, unfortunately your post was caught in a moderation queue and I've just returned from a long holiday

    1100 should be enought for a 2nd hand starter kit. As for rates.... I dunno anymore as I gave it up a while ago. Sure they will vary over the country though.
    Apologies and welcome to the forum.
    Your messages are really important to us
    ...but not important enough to employ a sufficient number of support staff to answer them.

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    Hi Albert123 I'm a plasterer as well and starting to feel some joints wearing out. For tapping internals I've got homax banjo and a bte 3" corner flusher. For finishing flats I've got a 10" & 12" tapetech boxes. These tools work well for me. I'm sure @belmoreboy will give you advice about tools as well. Good luck

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