Ok I have a job that I am pricing on and all my lads are busy on a job at the moment so I may have to sub it out. The job is in a supermarket and it will be night work. The job is in the Ludlow area, so what I need is a price for labour only including travel and digs, 1 visit to site there are 1311m≤ of ceilings and bulkheads to tape & joint. The ceiling is 3.3 metres high and here is the spec. if anyone is interested just send me an idea of your rate through the private message thingy. Maybe you could do this anyway and then I will have an idea of your rates for future work. I would be spraying it with one coat of Level-6 to decorate on completion. But you donít have to price for that just the tape work.

British Gypsum Limited; Gypframe (MF6) perimeter channel fixed to wall at 600mm centres; Gypframe soffit cleats secured to soffit at 1200mm centres (MF7) primary support channels fixed over the perimeter channels; 2nr hangers required fixed to primary support channels using Gyproc Wafer head jack point screws; Gypframe (MF5) Ceiling sections run at right angles to the underside of primary channels to form secondary grid; 2 layers 12.5mm thick Gyproc Fireline board, butt joints; fixing through thin metal sheet into structural timber joists; butt joints filled with joint filler, taped; multi-finish 2mm joint filler, to receive direct decoration; each layer of wallboard to have joints offset to provide fire integrity