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Automatic and hand tools, sanders, stilts etc. What's hot and what's not.

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    Default Show us your tools

    Here's mine,

    S/S Marshalltown trowels, 2 X curved 1 X flat
    S/S joint knives 4'' 5'' 6'' all-wall
    Versa trowel

    North star adjustable box handle
    Full circle sanding head on telescopic pole
    corner roller
    Mud runner
    12'' & 10'' Columbia power assist boxes, with beadrunners
    Heads for Mudrunner
    Skywalker stilts

    & Festool Vac & planex sander with 2 X extensions

    Been spending the day cleaning tools & reloading van,
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    I thought that was beadrunners or beadboxers I could see attached to the 10 and 12. Are they any good?
    Nice toolbox BTW.

    * Apologies if this post looks like Ive butted in Belmoreboy. I only realised mine had went amiss tonight after you responded. I noticed I had deleted my reply instead of editing last week like I intended to do. ..doh!
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    Tasty set of tools Mr Perfect,

    you said you have Columbia Power Assist? never seen these, you have any more pics?
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