I am mostly a paint spraying contractor on large commercial jobs, however if given the opportunity i prefer to do my own taping prior to painting, as its always the decorator that ends up getting the snags, the poor taping cant be seen until the poor old finishing painter gets some colour on the walls. then we always end up having to re-fill the joints and putting a second coat on the walls.

i really like the idea of just doing the tape & joint and then priming with something like tuff-hide or Pro-walls in the same colour as the wall is going to be finished then walking away and stop being the finishing trade and leave all the headaches behind. what i am looking at is doing the taping /jointing and priming for about 6.00pm2. if the wall is going to be finished in dark blue i would prime to dark blue with the tuff-hide or pro-wall meaning that i could walk away leaving the decorator to come back in and he will only need to apply one coat to finish it.

so my questions are, does anyone else do this? is 6.00pm2 a good rate including corners, and does anyone think this is the way to go? your view points would be welcome. the reason i say 6.00 is that the decorator would then only be able to charge for one coat so the price to the end userwould be the same (ish)