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Off site day to day running of your business.

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    Default Horror stories

    Everyone has a horror story to share from your travels and experience in the wonderful world of the construction industry.

    The day you wish you had stayed in bed, the client from hell, Fawlty Towers, or anything you just cant keep to yourself.

    You can spill the beans here!

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    Why am I home this early when I should be working? I am currently working on a job with the client from hell.:soapbox:

    The site is always cold so we asked for heaters, hoping to sand the taping this morning. It appears that ten minutes after we left yesterday the heater was turned off and the corners were still damp when we arrived. What are they f**king playing at? Now I have to work on my weekend instead. This job has dragged on for ten weeks instead of the estimated 3 to 4.

    From the beginning the job has been jinxed by water supply and electrical problems. Kitchens, gas boilers, doors, wash hand basins, bathrooms, and tiles have all been fitted while we turned our backs and went to work on other jobs because we couldnt move at this one. We never had, at any point, a fully sheeted house completely ready for taping and we shared our workspace with joiners, plumbers, a tiler and electricians. I have bills to pay and earn only a fraction what we should be making on this job. They have recently added vents and pipeboxes in every bathroom which is another extra as it wasnt on the plans and wasnt quoted for. Jeeez.. Anyone looking for a job???? The patience of a saint is needed.

    ..and I will name the company on your other thread if they don't pay for work completed.

    Rant over. I feel so much better now.
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