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Other stuff. Everything else unrelated to building site chat.

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    Default Whats your best practical joke at work!!

    the best i`ve seen is go to someone else`s van turn heater on full blast up to the window and put joint fiiller in the air vents,,stand back and when the person go`s to start the van at the end of the shift hey presto one casper....

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    Default the worlds strongest apprentice

    Casper v2.00

    The one where you say to the apprentice "I bet youre not strong enough to lift this bag of joint cement/plaster over your head"
    The young guy takes the bait, and the third party moves into position behind him with a stanley blade to open the bag.

    The bag is really easy to lift a few moments after.
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    Default olddays

    i remember chucking the old hilti bullets in the site bombfires years ago & watch the guys near it crap them selfs as they went bang!!, & we used to put them in a little box with paper, light it & shove it in a flat a fellow jointer was in and hold the door shut and wait for the screams ,
    and who remembers the tea break putty fights with the plastic pipes,
    great fun, all the health & safety put a stop to all that...
    and what about the ames fights with other jointers , allways started with a little bit then full blade fulls!! & then you would spend the next hour cleaning up before the site agent caught you!!
    or was that just me in my youth!!

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    Turktown remember the ames fights well, how quickly they got out of hand "brilliant"
    The best one I've seen is the the plumber putting a smoke pellet under the chippys prize T5 van and shouting fire and recentley a brickie putting viagra in the chippys tea. Priceless on both counts.

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