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Off site day to day running of your business.

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    Default Has your business been hurt by unprofessionalism?

    A bloody hard to spell question but seriously something I think we should discuss.

    An example I could use was a job I went to measure up for a good friend of mine who was a main contractor. His client had used tapers before on a previous job that had made a cnut of it by only doing two coats and not sanding properly.

    It took us a half day with a portfolio of work history and references to convince his client this wasnt normal practice and to stick with the architects plans by getting the job taped instead of plastered.

    In other words do you think this makes it harder for us all and have you been tarred with the same brush because of someone elses poor service?
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    In a word, yes. Contractors, builders and the general public that have never seen a good taping job, all sealed up and ready for the painters, generally think that taping & jointing is shit. We have just done some houses for a builder who said that up until now, the 2 painters that decorate for them, on average, spend 2 days sanding and filling in the houses that their usual tapers do, before they can paint them.
    The most common bit of unprofessionalism that we experience however, is the inability of the boarders (if we don't do the boarding ourselves) to leave a tidy job, thus giving us extra work to polish the turd, for which the contractor is usually reluctant to pay us for.

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